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Re: 2007/05/06 - Tucson, AZ - Convention Center Arena

Now that was a show!!! Eventho I was under the weather, this I have to say, was the best Tool performance I have been lucky enough to witness. The band, sound, visuals, and most of the crowd (except the two useless idoits that wanted to text and talk instead of enjoying the show, fuck heads!!) were all great. I thought last years Gammage show was awesome, this one put that show to a distant second. When everything goes just right, I think you get shows like last night, GOLD and definitely worthy of a DVD!!

For myself, I only wish I wasnt sick and had a reserved seat instead, but no matter, it was still the best Tool show I have ever been to. Oh yeah, saw Justin down by the soundboard just for a little bit checking out the opening band, that was pretty cool.

I hope AZ gets to see them one more time this tour, hopefully later in the year.