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Re: 2007/05/06 - Tucson, AZ - Convention Center Arena

I was able to get in front of Adam with just a few people between me and the bar. Definitely the closest I've ever been to the band and it was the best show I've seen them play yet.
The opening band, Kinski... they had a few good things here and there but overall I could have heard more music over the PA on CDs and been much happier.
Things really seemed to kick into gear during 46 & 2. Jambi and Stinkfist were kind of like primers for what was to come. This time everything went off without a hitch. No one throwing things at the stage, never saw a laser pointer and Maynard seemed to be in a good mood and care a lot about the performance. Near the beginning of the show he goes "That's how we do it in Arizona."
I noticed Maynard doing a wiggle dance around and then noticed myself almost doing the same thing without knowing it... I was definitely into it. Wings/10K Days was the highlight for me, just like the Phoenix show last year. It was, however, pretty amusing to know security was collecting lighters at the door then Justin on stage before the songs held up a lighter and there were maybe 50 in the place up... slowly more appeared but it made me laugh. A lot of people were looking around down front wondering what to do. Thanks to the guy who let me use his lighter to smoke up before the show... He didn't seem like a big Tool fan but I was grateful he was there... I got in with a pipe filled but no lighter... go figure.
Everyone seemed to go nuts for Aenema and it ended up being a perfect end to the show.
The sound at this show was much better than I expected. I saw Bob Dylan at the venue last year and it was the worst mix I've ever heard. The soundcheck for Tool the early-arrivers heard outside sounded better than Dylan did.
Great show and met a cool new friend thanks to this message board. I had a blast, Ben! Hopefully they remember shows and crowds like Tucson so they keep doing this for a while... at least as long as their bodies can keep up.