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Re: 2007/05/06 - Tucson, AZ - Convention Center Arena

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I've been a Tool fan since I saw the Sober video on MTV back in '94. I bought Undertow then Opiate a week later.
This show: What an experience. The all around energy connecting with the audience was awesome. The extended version of Schism blew me away. I have never seen Danny play that hard or fast. Someone passed me some binoculars so I could see every chop. (Thank you stranger 4 seats down!)

Maynard nailed every song well. He first appeared wearing an bright orange hoodie, then he peeled down to jeans ,shirt and mohawk (no gas mask)

His voice was strong although a little buried in the overall sound. At the end of Lateralus he said "We'd love to stick around, but we want to get back to our internet p0rn. Theres some pretty interesting stuff on there.."

I was really hoping they would play 'Right In Two', but the regular version of 'Pushit' was beautiful. They had the big UFO lights hovering the whole time, along with a low drone that played in between songs.

This is my third live Tool experience and probably the best. (Despite the drunk yahoo that spilled beer down my back)

Our boys just keep getting better. Thanks for coming to Tucson TOOL!!