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StinkfIst and The Video

The Video to me is about addiction and relationships that one and other go through.
To me the song is on another knee. other than the video, but is a weatherstorm of
something THEY built. Ænima to me is about Life. So there it is:

Im glad someone found out a kickass way to represent ashes and smoke, from The Lamest Firework ever. Symbol of burning ,( Inhalation Apparatus, [phone to nail], everything is covered with dust, Television holding the symbol of a Physical Frequency Smoke Box, Giving away a part of yourself to the cleanest thing in the room [ The Jar ] Aspiration and Connection through addiction [The onlything that makes much sense to me] Jumping forward and backward, the diseased [Damaged Wounded Heart] flesh and piece of our male Person is seen in three ways :
A) a lump of dust attached and detached to facilitate the Resin that was The Persona of the man, covered in constant exposure to whatever it is that they are doing / not doing.
b} an opened wound that is a tear in the back, when He" and She" are Bare, Focused, well Lit and Very bare; through Threatening posture and connection.
C] a diseased growing, moving, growth of it's own mind and it's own wants and secrets.

This reminds me of a tale by Aliester Crowley Called Diary of a Drug Fiend.
The journey that the Male and Female characters proceed are the trials of the hardest struggle
"I've" ever seen in life. true but not true, the antimossity of the world is a dangerous one.
Using and Using and no care for yourself, is a result of malignancy. the ways of a person who does not know how to understand, "put it up, pass it left, put it down." I have seen the gathering tempting trial that is the danger or even most lesson learning experience; but don't take my words for it.

The progressions from : 1)Thick, Ashy and Tragecally Influencial aspects of the first stage of realizing you're getting too deep.
2}SObriety adds Clarity to an otherwise blinded, mask, of dirt and layer. Very hard to escape. (self Righteousness can be overwhelming)
3] no matter how convincing the wish to escape is, there is no escape.

The structure of the storyline is absolutely full circle in it way.
Very interesting to start the whole thing over an empty jar. so gos the way.
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