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Re: REVIEW THREAD: Rivers Edge Music Festival

Like Kanaduh said, they started playing Deadmau5 right after Tool got done. My initial reaction was that they were trying to get all the Tool fans to leave by playing some EDM, but then the lasers came back on and they left the house lights off, so for about 20 minutes or so there was an impromptu dance party right in front of the stage. The vast majority of the crowd left, so it was pretty fun to be up there dancing around with the rest of the people who stayed. Great show, Tool never fails to put on a great show, this is the 5th time I've gotten to see them, 2nd time in a festival setting (first was Street Scene in San Diego) and I'm with stp84, I like them indoors headlining their own show better. Longer set, better atmosphere for the lasers and video screens, It was still pretty light out when they started so we didn't get the full effect of the light show until near the end of their set. I was also a little ticked off that Tool only got 1 hr 15 minutes when Dave Matthews Band got over 3 hours the next night. Would have liked another 45 minutes of Tool goodness.
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