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Re: 2006/12/16 - Athens, GRC - Olympic Fencing Hall

Visually it was the greatest show ive ever seen with more than 10000 people in the audience
The venue sucked though. I paid 52 euros for the worst place to see a rock n roll concert. it was like a huge tin can. Greek organizers suck balls
Hopefully i will see them again in summer on a outdoor festival

Some funny things happened when members of mastodon replaced Justin Chancellor and Adam Jones in Lateralus. That kinda pissed Maynard off he tried to mock the guitar player of Mastodon making him sing the song also and puting his 2 fingers over his head. At the end of the song they all hugged and Maynard said (Now Get the fuck Out) lol Typical Maynard

At Vicarius they stopped in the middle of the song to drink Maynard's wine