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Re: 2006/12/16 - Athens, GRC - Olympic Fencing Hall

Well said JudasChrist...Couldn't agree more...Although I doubt if every reader here will get your last comment..hahahaha..

It is true that you could see all kinds of people in there, which in a sense, is pretty cool..Goth-vamp chicks, metalheads, all kinds of rockers, teenagers and even some elderly(probably waiting for their sons/ daughters / grandchildren after the concert has ended).Of course there is nothing wrong with it..Sometimes it gets annoying though, because this kind of crowd diversity can cause serious misbehaviour problems, at least as seen by the rest..Anyway..

- The shitty venue (by far the worst I've been to)
- No "Undertow" song

+ Wings, 10000 days, Jambi, Aenema
+ The visuals and the laser show

The band was great once again..I only wish I was taller..My feet still ache because if Ι were to see, I had to stand on my toes..And that's what I did for about two hours..Can't wait for their next coming..Maybe then I'll be first row..