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Re: 2006/12/16 - Athens, GRC - Olympic Fencing Hall

After reading all of the reviews since May, finally I can post an "I was there!!" review:)
So, almost everything has already been written about this incredible experience (I definitely cannot call this just a concert), I just want to add some personal comments.

We traveled from Istanbul to Athens just for Tool, and had to struggle so hard to get visa and arrange everything about this trip. But it was worth every second, this was truly the best concert Iíve ever been to, and much better than my first time seeing them in Vienna last June. In Vienna I was at the 3rd row, saw the stage perfectly but all the crowdsurfing and stuff destroyed the whole experience. So I decided to stay at the back in Athens. Mistake? Well, not really..

Yes, the venue sucked, and it sucked that many people could not see the stage very well. But I have never seen the crowd at the back rows getting such a beautiful reward before! Yes, Iím talking about the lasers.. I was so happy that I was there, behind FOH, beneath that magical green cage, getting to see all the glory of lasers, with a perfect sound, without squeezing and with the ability to move. Another great thing about being at the back was that, I was able to hear that amazing Greek chorus of 10.000 fans, singing along to every song perfectly. No one was shouting right behind my ear, so I could hear Maynard perfectly as well. That really sent shivers down my spine, you were just great, Greeks!!

Wings were definitely the highlight of the gig for me. It was sad to see a girl right next to me collapsed when 10.000 days was over. Security came to take her, hope she is OK. ∆nema was another highlight; the energy on that song was just great.

It was also really nice that there were many fans coming from abroad, I met some other Turks and also people from Israel. Iím sure there were many others. The vibe was just excellent, thousands of fans from different countries gathering for ToolÖ

This was my first time in Greece, and I just LOVED it! Listening to Wings the next day at the top of Acropolis was a unique experience that I will always remember.
Thanks to this forum, I met Greek Tool fans, sotos, iQfish and his friends, who were very helpful and they made this experience and the whole Athens trip much better. Thank you so much guys, for your friendliness, hospitality, and everything else!