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Re: 01.31.2012 - Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun Arena

Originally Posted by GodWeenSatan View Post
Wow. great to see Ticks, Hooker and Pushit. I was on the floor and thought the sound was off also. It just didn't sound clean like other venues I've seen them in. I primed up pretty good before the show, so maybe I was off a bit too.

So I stayed at the same hotel the band did the night before. I know the GM well. He said the band was really nice and chill. But the hotel management was under strict instructions to keep them and Maynard apart because he's not getting along with them at all. They were having security scope out the halls, bar, pool, etc. so Maynard wouldn't bump into the rest of the band. They even insisted the tour buses be kept in separate lots. Basically, Maynard is not happy to be touring with the band again.
I also have to put this down as bullshit. I saw the show in Vegas, and Maynard made a point of wishing Adam a happy birthday between songs. He also apologized to the fans for zoning out a couple of lines.

Everybody -- from the hardcore fan to the hotel GM -- reads way too much into Maynard's moods. Look, he's been a brooding, antisocial SOB as long as we've known of his existence. He's not going to go crawling the hotel bar walls with Danny or high-fiving the fans. I think we should all know what to expect from Maynard by now. He's dark, introspective, and probably fucked up psychologically. But this is a big part of what makes Tool Tool. If the guy puts in an honest effort to belt out the way we know he can, what else really matters?
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