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Re: 01.31.2012 - Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun Arena

Originally Posted by junior View Post
Breaking my silence this once as to clarify something.
This post was brought to my attention, so I'm going to respond to it, as I can see it is already being spread as "fact" just because 1 person said they "heard something".
I realize this is not a review, but I'm hoping it can be allowed to stand as the source seems like the best place to offer this info.

There are several flaws to this story:

1) the band have been staying in NYC since after the Boston show and have not had hotels at or near the venues this past week while in the Northeast. The crew and associated busses would have been the only ones near Mohegan Sun.

2) the band don't use their real names at hotels, so the GM wouldn't be instructed as to who "Maynard" is, nor "Adam", "Danny", and "Justin".

3) the idea of using hotel employees to keep the band separated is absurd. They're adults, not rival gangs. If they were really having a problem like this the bands management would simply put them in different hotels. It's unrealistic.

4) Maynard hasn't travelled by bus since around 2007. I believe he's talked about that in an interview, in that he has trouble sleeping on a bus and prefers to fly from city to city. So, separating the buses is out.
Apparently, some of the crew was impersonating the band and having fun with my friend who IS the GM where they stayed. Or, he completely made everything up. He is not a fan of Tool, nor would he know them if he saw them. It was not my intention to spread a malicious rumor. I was merely stating what I was told, believing it to be truth as he had no reason to lie to me. As a longtime fan, I just wanted to share this info with other fans who care about the future of Tool as I do. I'm glad Junior set the record straight and I apologize for my misinformation. We all make mistakes. I will stick to reviews from now on.
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