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Re: My interpretation

I heard recently that babies only see black and white when they are born. Recently I have related this song to me as being innocent to new beauty and accepting the beauty of things and realizing the beauty of things and not missing opportunities.. I think of this when I listen to the song now( as of waking up or recognizing new beauty).... ( and just like in porabola he says : Each new expierence .... This chance to be.. recognize this as a holy expierence... to be alive and breathing.) It all flows.

Just think of the innocence that baby has when it sees the "beauty' of the color red for the first time. He or she is probally wonderous. I don't want to act like I konw maynard or try to think I know the way he thinks.. I just can't help but to relate the way his lyric goes into: "Accepting Beauty with Innocence"..

Thats the only way I can put it.. I read in an interview with maynard and he said that the moon told a secret: That our self or egos are just a reflection of what we see and or hear". So accepting things with the innocence of a child and recognizing beauty like that of a new born child seeing red and yellow for the first time is a great place to start.

A new born is not flawed and is also egoless, but is in reverence to that particular shape or color soley because the baby is innocent.
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