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Re: 2006/12/08 - Nantes, FRA - Le Zenith

yeah, no Ænema... I was waiting for it, since it's one of my favorite songs (would I dare saying it's my favorite? I think I would). the band left the stage, I was ready to ask for an encore, then some dude went on stage, and began to unplug the drum module. some music came from the speakers, and the security told us to leave... I was like "hey!! you forgot a song!!!". now I want to go to Paris to hear Ænema!! that sucks -_-
later someone told me Ænima WAS on the setlist. :(

even though I didn't see anyone smoking or taking photos, maynard didn't communicate a lot. he kept his mask for the whole show, and barely faced the audience. and when he wasn't showing his back, he was looking at the ground... weird.

after forty six & 2, he said "I have good news and bad news, which do you want first?" the crowd answered "bad ", so he continued "bad news is we don't speak french. good news is we speak music". later he said "we will meet again soon. well, not really soon" (may not be accurate, I have bad memory). and that's pretty much everything he said. he didn't have to complain about smokers since they respected the rules.

obviously the show was fantastic, music was at its best, lights amazed everyone... but I guess the show would be even better is maynard wasn't that cold with the audience. :|