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Re: 07.29.09 - Charlotte, NC @ Bojangle's Coliseum

Tool is my favorite band but I must say I was let down a little. The screen visuals were not up to par. Seen better shit on the youtube posts. Same set as all the other shows so far. And kill the sound man. I couldn't hear maynard at all. The rest of the band was tight as usual. Tweak Bird is amazing. Must buy thier cd.
I flew out from Va to see them. This was my third show. I saw them in 97 and 01. Both of those shows were unreal. I'm feeling these guys (mostly Maynard) are getting bored with TOOL. TOOL was about shocking or making people think. I feel like thier last cd is something they just slapped together. I was hoping for less 10000day songs and more older stuff.. At least Pushit, the patient, opiate...but A bad TOOL show is better than a good show from papa roach(who was in town at the time and I drank w/ the drummer at Connells pub) or anyother crap band..
Out of 1-10 I give it a 7.5 The Va beach lateralus concert was an 10 as was seeing them in va beach lalapoloza.