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Re: 07.29.09 - Charlotte, NC @ Bojangle's Coliseum

About 10 rows back of Adam on floor. Great show.

I heard MJK clear all night. What more do people want for a summer tour?
I think it was cool they were playing w/o an album to promote.

Also, if you want this band to play covers, please, someone, refund these people and help them back to the bus, the short bus.

I wish they would have played longer too but it was an incredible show.

People want to hear that one song. If they played that one song for everyone they'de still be playing. I saw one girl crying 'cause they didn't play Sober. Really. I think she's living it.

No venue that big can produce even a single acoustic. How can MJK keep in time when a wall of sound is bouncing back at him a third time. Still it sounded great.

The crowd. Not bad except for the dancers. I was there to see TOOL, others came to see Usher. Dancers? How pitiful. Anyone angry and ready to fight should be sent for the dancers.

Also, couldn't see the 4-man pose off for all the camera phones, silly.

Do you not feel a second of suspension when they take the stage? If you weren't into the hysteria when Stinkfist played then, please, stay at the 4 hour Metallica show. In fact, that's your punishment.

I would have paid 10 times that much to provide the euphoria of the show and the afterglow. Thanks guys, see you in the Queen City.