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Re: General Tool Discussion

Originally Posted by kanaduh View Post
anyone read the interview with video producer? some interesting comments, most notably about the new production/work going into this one show.

does it mean just new video stuff? maybe an entirely new stage altogether?

the visual/stage aspect of the show has remained (fairly) consistent since 2006
I wouldn't read too much into the comments in that interview.

The main point is that we (production) are looking at the most recent run of shows 16 months ago as what we consider to be the last that are tied to "10,000 Days". Technology changes quickly in the lighting and video world, and we were still hanging on to some bits that dated back to 2006. There is a big enough time gap since April 2014 that we decided it was time to start over.

There is no "known" time that a tour for the next album will start. Once that gets established we will start working on a new "Tool indoor show" for their own tour.

What we have started working on is something that we've never had, which is a "festival specific" production that is designed to fit a festival/outdoor space. There are many effects and production items that work well indoors that just don't look right outdoors, or aren't safe/viable because of weather and other factors. Festival appearances aren't going away, so rather than try to make our arena show fit into a festival environment every time we are just going to have 2 separate experiences. There are also things we can do on a festival stage that don't work in an arena, so we are concentrating on the positives for each environment to make 2 unique productions.

That said, this Tempe show seemed like as good of a show as any to get started on this "outdoor" concept. It will probably expand and grow (as the arena production has traditionally done) as more outdoor shows get added, so Tempe won't be a set-in-stone "Outdoor Tool" show, but more of a springboard for the future. The next outdoor show might not be for some time, but this will be the blueprint for that kind of show going forward.
It's ambitious, but since we actually had a good amount of lead-in time for this show it seemed we might as well go for it.

With the "outdoor" version underway, all that's been done for a new "indoor" show is discuss that there will be one, at some point. There are some concepts that have been discussed with band members, but nothing substantial beyond that.
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