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Re: 2006/09/28 - Camden, NJ - Tweeter Center

I have to say -- how maniacally insane and fantastic!

And let me tell you, children, as an adult at the show (yes, I'm 42) -- once upon a time, many years ago, I used to get high, and drunk... and then I had children, and learned to drink only one or two beers and stop.

Here I was at Tool, wondering, "if someone passes me something will I take it?"

I didn't.

It was awesome.


The lights, the lasers, the smoke -- especially the way the smoke bent the lasers. I think the best part, though, I stood there singing along with every song -- and every person in every seat around me did the same. If there was a wall in the back instead of a lawn, I think we could have tumbled it down!


There's a reason NOT to get loaded -- I can remember EVERY detail. It's something I won't forget anytime soon.

... and my poor daughter, away at college, she's so pissed off I went without her!! (tee heee!!