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The first major meme which emphasized simply repeating the phrase over and over again throughout the thread. started in the thread "The River of the Nagual" by Naga Royal Guard in response to this post by dracomordag. It was first repeated with its now standard counterpart by dracomordag, who was quoting a user talking about the NIN album "Year Zero" (original post deleted):


Originally Posted by dracomordag

trust me...the new single does not compare to the rest of the trax

i don't know why he made that the single anyway

just like tool making vicarious da single for 10,000 days.
i-m-o the worst track on the album

the same goes for schisim

and on NINs with teeth, trent used the hand that feeds? that song sucks!!!

maybe the trend now days is to make the worst song the first single. this way you won't be as let down when you hear the album.

This led to the creation of the following meme by Rsh, Dracomordag, and Pala: "toasty. buttery. warm.", which follows the same structure.

Critical reaction To This Meme

Led to the global ignore of martyr due to the shit flinging in the Bin Ratio thread.




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