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Wolf sweater

From The Poop Deck

A wolf sweater is a sweater with a wolf on it. There also exist wolf tshirts, mugs, etc. A similar but less earthly and ultimately sadder and geekier version is the dragon shirt, usually imprinted on a polyester/faux silk button-up shirt.

Neither should be worn by any person with a modicum of self respect.

During promotion of their 2003 album, 13th Step, A Perfect Circle members adorned Wolf t-shirts and sweaters for a promo-picture. The authenticity of the picture is still in question.

There have been reported cases of wolf sweaters attacking people and forcing them to adorn themselves with said article of clothing.

As an extra incentive to purchase a Segway Scooter, the Segway corporation began bundling a Wolf Sweater of the consumer's choice. Cutting-edge market research has corroborated many's belief that this is the single greatest commodity package widely available for purchase.

There have been a number of reported cases of people wearing wolf sweaters at their weddings.

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