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The Great Tom Sawyer

From The Poop Deck

The Great Tom Sawyer
Gender Male
Alias(es) Dark Globe, The Bermuda Electric Eye , Fuck your god
Join date 04-22-07
Status Banned
Profile here

The Great Tom Sawyer is currently known as the worst poster on TDN. Previous "shit posters" have been able to provide some level of entertainment to the general population of TDN regardless of if they were trying or not. This is not true for TGTS. Not only is he a moron, but he is also 15 and has absolutely nothing to add. He is a known Juggalo (Insane Clown Posse FAN) and his friend killed himself.


Current Events

There is currently a petition seeking the banishment of The Great Tom Sawyer from TDN. Petition to Ban The Great Tom Sawyer

  • Recently made a vague threat on the lives of several TDN members, and demanded his account be banned.
  • Is now, in fact, banned.


  • Password: douche
  • Being annoying
  • Sub-standard Intelligence
  • Attracts Death
  • Only Trent knows how he feels
  • Crybaby
  • ^^^^^^



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