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Acronym for "Remember When I Was A Moderator?", classic toolnavy thread that got deleted by evil forces of moddery.

RWIWAM marked both LP|Stang and stu's brief return to toolnavy due to new album hype. These two, combined with other cool members like rsh, tyson, eonbluecasanova, mike tyson, kalamazoo, and cornerstone, IGNITED the thread to massive post pumping proportions. Many of the posts were peripheral to the many "remember when" threads that had been created that day.

Stang was just trying to steal everyone's thunder when he made "remember when I was a mod", and he did! and he liked it! but so did everyone else participating in this legend of a thread.

The reason for deletion was quite literally that Chris_Brightwell saw tdn's server being strained, and was quick to blame it on the aforementioned posters when he saw RWIWAM, a thread that had just been created less than 3 hours previous had already grown to EPIC proportions.

The deletion of RWIWAM was a sad day for every tdn'er in that it marked the last big funny from LP|Stang's unique sense of humor.

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