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From The Poop Deck

Gender Male
Alias(es) None
Join date 04-12-2005
Status On probation
Profile here

Proven [no] probated member of TDN.



20 year old rumoured homosexual Blockbuster employee. An emotionally immature, troubled, homosexual pervert. Often called out for his blatant racism and his ability to stuff both feet up his own ass. Has been reported to have dropped out of (community lol!) college...


P.S.: He's gay.

Current usage

When written in brackets, i.e. [ocelot], it basically means the same thing as [no].

Usage in polls in The Bin

According to The Bin Rules posted by BeLIEve all polls inside the bin must include an "Ocelot" option.

Ocelot's man friend

Ocelot's good IRL friend once visited TDN in order to inform the masses that "wolf sweaters are awesome". This subsequently spurned a TDN Cultural Revolution dedicated to wolf sweaters.

Ocelot in pop culture

Ocelot is well known for having rape fantasies of Mikael Ã…kerfeldt (Opeth) in assless chaps.


Ocelot attempted to engage in a battle against Naga Royal Guard and Tyson. Needless to say he lost and was ultimately defeated. However his racism lives on in the hearts of certain TDNers.

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