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The thing no one wants to be.

How to tell if you're a noob

If any of the following statements are correct, you are a noob.

  • you suck
  • you think tool is a good band
  • you think tool is complex
  • you think music has to have melody
  • you post in the Albums section
  • you post in the Spirituality and Philosophy section
  • you haven't read the Bin Rules
  • you haven't listened to any Boredoms albums
  • you don't know who shade is
  • you haven't told m00gar_ph00gar to gtfo (gtfo, m00gar.)
  • your join date is 06 or 07
  • you don't know the difference between your and you're
  • you don't know the difference between there, their, and they're
  • you haven't been probed
  • you haven't been banned
  • you strongly believe Misanthrope's musical opinion matters
  • your signature contains a Tool/Bill Hicks quote.
  • you so much as snicker at Tyson's redundant one-liners
  • you think BeLIEve's YouTube webcasts are the greatest thing since The Jeffersons
  • you use an apple computer
  • you use tool quotes on a regular basis as an attempt to express yourself
  • you smoke while you're pregnant
  • you are unaware of the Search button

What to do if you are a noob

  • Add yourself to the noob category
  • gtfo
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