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Naga Royal Guard

From The Poop Deck

Naga Royal Guard
Gender Male
Alias(es) beLIEve
Join date 02-02-2005
Status 15 Years Old
Profile here

This amazing prodigy became the senate at the young age of 15.

Enjoys rollin' in his Impala, Icehouse beer, and boxed wine (even though he is not yet old enough to drive or drink alcohol) Nor will he ever be.


Naga is like a permakitten, stuck on the sweet, tender age of 15. His birthday, in the month of August will be marked with a celebration not much unlike ground hogs day, only we know the result.... His age will revert back to 15yrs and 0 days, and the cycle continues.


Ever since the LARP war of 1651, Naga Royal Guard has been open to alliances in order to secure peace and freedom amongst quality people.

All are free to ally, but must present purity of soul and character.

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