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LARPing or Live Action Role Playing is a formidable activity commonly discussed on TDN. Initially practiced by Ænimated in the 16th Century, it reached its peak of popularity in the Austro-Isreali war of 1651, and has remained relatively popular ever since.


Origins of LARPing

Beginnings of LARPing (1560-1650)

During this period, von Ænimated of Austria began practicing mighty battles against sworn enemies of good. Many of the villagers often watched as he swung his replica sword in a swinging fashion, mimicking the technique used by Luke in The Return of the Jedi, objectively the best of all the Star Wars.

In full LARP armor, Ænimated would parade around the village, earning the respect of all the folk. In the evenings he would perform LARP demonstrations, often with music such as Burzum and Graveland serving as a suitable background. All was well in the friendly, racially tolerant lands of Austria.

War with Paraflux (1651-1891)

On the morning of February 5th, 1651, von Ænimated had received a message from the east. In the lands of Israel, President Paraflux was demanding that Ænimated surrender over 9,000 black metal CDs in exchange for the safety of the humble Austrian empire. Knowing that giving up so much black metal would be devastating to the empire, he rang up his close ally Lord Naga_Royal_Guard of France.

Together, with their loyal armies of 300 LARPers, they were able to push President Paraflux back into the frostbitten lands of Israel. There, they demanded that all their base belonged to us, and that they must surrender any LARPs of Mass Destruction. President Paraflux reluctantly agreed, and handed von Ænimated his LARPing sword, the Black Woods Trench Wood Unearthly Hell Cursed Sword of the Darkness. This remains a sign of victory over the hostile Israeli LARPer invaders.

Developments in LARPing (1891-Present)

There have been many improvements in LARPing since then. The creation of TDN, also known as LARP central, has been a gathering point of many LARPers. Hitler was well known for his LARPing, often poking fun at Churchill for his subpar LARPs. This is cited by most historians on Stormfront as the cause of WWII. Other secret underground LARP societies have been created where people in their native countries have been suppressed, and prohibited from such activities by their governments. Some have suggested that these other underground LARP societies will one day divide lines, declare war upon each other, and cause the world to fall into chaos and destruction.

Music for LARPing

Black Metal

  • Graveland
  • Burzum
  • Immortal
  • His Infernal Majesty


  • Prussian Blue
  • REM
  • Kiss
  • Led Zeppelin - Battle of Evermore (Great LARP song)


Well Known LARPers

List of Active LARPers

List of Ex-LARPers

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