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How to Make Things Awesome

From The Poop Deck

This page is basically a tutorial for How to Make Things Awesome at the Poop Deck. It's a basic rundown on how to add a few cool things that look awesome.


Making a New Page

For all the noobs. Type the following in your browser:


Now, decide what you want to call your page. Say you want to make a page on ducks (but you won't). So, put "ducks" at the end of the URL you just typed.


When you hit Enter, you will see there's no page there. Click where it says "edit this page" to start the page.

How Not to Make a New Page

Don't be a fucktard and click "edit" when you're sitting at a page that already exists, like J Stebbins did. What a fucktard!

Adding to Your New Page


These are nifty lil' boxes that go on every page for a user or thread. They're pretty simple to use.


Apply liberally: Definitely use Category:Users and then add whatever else you like. The tags go at the BOTTOM of the page plz.


Template:Quote is for quotes where there is a link and you know what it is. Template:Quote2 is for quotes that you don't have a link for (or make up).

Making a Quick User Page

Know how to make a new page for yourself or another user, but still confused as to how exactly to apply Infoboxes and Categories? If you're a tdn-wiki novice use the following New_User_Outline to help you get started quick on editing your new page.

How to Do It

Just follow the link, copy the code in the box, paste it into the User page you wish to create, and begin editing and filling in the fields. The available code is meant to be a rough outline only, with possible suggestions to fill in fields. Mold and edit it to your preferences!

Formatting Certain Things

Bold and Italics

To get italicized lettering, you must encapsulate the text string you want italicized within a series of two apostrophes. To get this, type ''this''. Note: that is a double apostrophe, not a single quote. It is difficult to tell the difference.

To get bold text, apply the above rule for italics except use three apostrophes. To get this, type '''this'''.

Redirecting Entries to Another Page

Sometimes you may want to cross-reference multiple wiki entries. For example, you might have an entry for "The Bin", but also want Recycle Bin to point to that page. To do this, enter the following in the body of the entry you want directed:

#REDIRECT [[wiki entry]]

Linking that is a bitch

Wikilinking to pages like [no], [ocelot], and LP|Stang is a bitch because those articles have characters in their titles that don't work with wiki software. BUT FEAR NOT! There is a remedy!

You use the <nowiki> tag to get around weird symbols. For instance, here is the code that gets you LP|Stang:

[[LP Stang|<nowiki>LP|Stang</nowiki>]]

As you can see the article title is missing the pipe (|). That's too bad. But we can still put the pipe in the link text with the special tag.

Here's another example, with the more popular [no]:


Again, the article title has no brackets in it but the link text does. Yay!

Discussion of This Awesome Page

Go here.

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