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From The Poop Deck

Gender Female
Alias(es) None
Join date 03-24-2007
Status Complete and total cunt, BeLIEve it.
Profile here

Freemena is a former self-proclaimed emotional train wreck, now reformed. While skyping one may be distracted by the persistent questions and giggling of her two wonderful children. She is a relatively recently divorced (hence the former train wreck) redhead with a general hate for the town she lives in.

Is now living with BeLIEve (assumedly no longer abstinent) and is happy with life as it stands.

Has the nicest feet according to TDN members and doesn't brag about it like an ArseHoleInMotion.

Now leave her alone, she's got a lot of BeLIEve fucking to catch up on.

RL History

She has also been subject to every type of trash life available. Born a southern hillbilly, she ran barefoot through the swamps of Florida until she moved into a hippie nudist commune at six, only to then become immersed in biker culture at nine and the ghetto lifestyle at thirteen. She finally became a glorified groupie at eighteen and married a bass player until she left him in Feb of 2007. What type of trash will she try next? Who knows…? For now she lives in uber-hickville and complains about it constantly. Her one claim to fame is that she has initials after her name.

Also, fucked Joey Harrington...cause we all know wiki doesn't lie.


Edits her own wiki page

True story.

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