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Gender Male
Alias(es)  ???
Join date 09-29-2005
Status Not banned
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Foamy is not only a valued member of the community but also a strong and powerful man who has the best hair on tdn. His mum thinks he's gay though. His journey started in 2005, while researching for information on the follow up to Tool's Lateralus - 10,000 Days. He also has a strong brummie accent which makes him sound very retarded.

Foamy's 'tar is badass.

Foamy is a member of Jacobin, which is the self-proclaimed greatest band ever, although nobody has actually heard them.

Hatred For Women

Foamy is known for his unconditional hate towards women (except systematicdecline), something which he shares with Cronos.

Another female encounter by Foamy.
Started by Foamy
Start date 06-11-2006
Subforum Recycle Bin
Link here

In this thread Foamy tells us a story which leads to the bin realizing his hatred for women. A very important thread that all TDN noobs should read.

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