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Gender Male
Alias(es) teegman, teegoetic, Queer Police, rogleins, Coach Bombay, L1quid, Parafux, Fred Durst, maynard, Windir's Mom, Proof, NOT SNS
Join date 08-09-2005
Status Not banned
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Prolific tdn poster and creator of the wildly popular emo haven ratemypatch.



Dianoetic joined tdn in August 2005. Aliases such as Proof, Fred Durst, Windir's Mom, and Coach Bombay can all be attributed to this iconic member. 'Dia' as people call him affectionately has been probed countless times and banned on multiple occasions. Currently with over 10,000 bins posts and over 500 started threads is arguably our most prolific active member. Pictures of Dianoetic have also been common place. In the 'post a pic' thread this pasty Australian 23 year old has showed himself to the tdn public. Often his pictures have been attributed to his drunken escapades in RL, to include fathering an child with a TDN'er that has yet to be resolved.


Super satisfied black man, hot monkey babe thing, Emilio Estevez in The Mighty Ducks, others I forgot

Catch phrases

Memorable threads

Too many to name them all but some include: Is toolism a witch?, Getting to know Zlerf, ARE YOU A POAS ADDICT?, NSFW OFFICIAL BIN QUIZ 1-4, ~43% of the current batch of binners are lame shitcake ASSHOLES, Is your soul in motion, and more

Pictures Dia sent to Flux of his ass

One (PM Pala if you have link)

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