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Posters who have joined the forums in 2006.


The term "2006ers", coined by Lord Cronos of Vermiculum, was used to describe the utter disdain for the lack of quality posters which came from the year directly coinciding with the release of 10,000 Days and who posted in its appropriate sub-forum. tdners can thank its misfortunes for both these circumstances happening around the same time, as it brought on a massive influx of new posters which inevitably flooded the bin after the 10,000 Days fever wore off. Consequently, there was a steady decline of quality threads all across tdn, and many existing members chose self-annihilation rather than endure anymore of the shitfest that was 2006ers running rampant.

The Cast

However, it should be noted that things were not all bad, and some members from 2006 emerged to become quality posters easily recognized from the rest of the unbearable blight left to fester by their fellow kin. These heroes stood out among the slew of 10,000 Days humping idiots and became tdn mainstays. A notable 2006er would be Bogsnarth because that guy is too awesome.

The Math


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