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Posters who have joined the forums in 2003.


In 2002 tdn began with only its album sections to its forums and namesake. Eventually, dan would allow for the inclusion of the Socialize section for general off-topic discussion sometime in late 2002. Thus, new members were prompted to join in on the fun and add their contributions. These members drawn in by the community tdn had to offer became the sub-group of tdn users referred to as 2003ers (03ers for short).

The Cast

Posters of this period enjoyed a wide array of threads, and a colorful cast of characters. Socialize was not split into any sub-forums, so threads one might see in spirituality today, to even threads which would immediately be binned could be found here at the time. Since the forums were just beginning there was a lot of leniency with regards to what one could post. Certain individuals, most notably the reverend, Mark D and Cronos took advantage of this leniency, and began to explore the level system by post pumping the hell out of tdn in an attempt to gain the next level. These users became well known for such antics, however, and became known for their one-liner quips. Inevitably, holy reality would emerge as the titan of all post pumpers, and trounce all over these individuals' accomplishments.

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