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Alias(es) RichardMason
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Little is known about the man known as BeLIEve. He is a member of TDN's Elitist regime known as "The Senate" and his history is clouded by blatant lies, half truths, and atrocious actions. Unfortunately we cannot sort through the lies and truths and determine what is real and what is fake so all that can be done is presenting what he has claimed. Used to appreciate unenthusiastic women with saggy boobies in blue satin granny panties and husky girls with red hair.

Now currently hiding from several alphabet soup agencies in the Midwesr, known now only by his Biker Name R.G., he's been seen stalling a 900cc bike at intersections in front of laughing girls that would probably have consensual sex with stu.


BeLIEve enjoys sitting at home drinking beer and making t.d.n-dedicated Google Video webcasts where he talks about goings on in the forums, all t

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