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12-05-2002, 02:17 PM
while anyone could argue the point that Tool, after putting together such a brilliant work of art, may just be pulling a joke ending, it takes more thought to wonder of some other purpose they may have had in mind for including it.

i think it's fair to say that the content of lateralus as an album is pretty intense stuff, intellectually. whether you take it one song at a time or all in one, the message of spirituality and pushing the limit is no small matter to consider. i have read a ton of people's accounts of how this album has "changed their lives", and i will admit that i myself have allowed it to open my eye to concepts i'd never imagined.

now, consider this: most people who bought the album and listened to it for the first time through had not heard the man in faaip de oiad, and had no idea what that even meant. the first time i listened to it, i hadn't heard of it before on the radio or on the faq (though i bought the album the first day out, and the faq didn't cover lateralus then). i blew it off as some kind of joke ending.

lately i've felt differently, however. not in that i accept it as truth, it's clearly a hoax, but when i consider how many people have had their "lives changed" by lateralus, i wonder how many of those took on the meanings of tool's songs like a new religion. these people may very well have bought into the man's story in faaip de oiad (which is very fun to type, i might add) like the sheep following a secretly sinful pedophile priest.

now, what has tool accomplished by fooling some fans? they have once again put out the message to question the shepard, or anyone for that matter, and to sincerely analyze what you are willing to believe so that you believe for the right reasons. the fact that faaip de oiad translates to voice of God may support my theory. any thoughts?