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12-04-2002, 02:59 PM
let me enliten some of you, in fact in almost all tool songs there are hidden things. ill give some run downs maybe: in lateralus, if you want to hear what he says at the "spiral out" part, try using a vocal remover (such things are used for kereokee [sp?]) this elimantes the main vocals, which are usual in the center of a recording, most of the instruments are in other channels. in sober at the last chorus (or after im not sure) you hear people talking. in eulogy, if u do the same vocal removing at "he had alot to say, he had alot of nothing to say" interesting to note that he also says underneath that "he had lots to say, he lots of...*messed up*". in third eye, to make out more clearly wat maynard (or others) are whispering, also try using this vocal remover. also, if anyone has any audio programs, try removing certain channels and frequincys, might help. So keep that in mind, and start searching through tool songs for such things, it really gives a picture of how good tool really is.

for that posting about maynard saying somthing at the end of Ticks and Leeches, its infact danny saying "that song was fucking fast" but you need to turn it up REALLY loud to hear that.

12-04-2002, 03:00 PM
I accidently hit the new thaught button instead of the post follow up button, this was meant to go in the "How to hear the hidden words" post.