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11-21-2007, 02:08 AM
well i am new here
and not from an english speaking area :D so pleas have understanding.

sweat reminds me on taking salvia
the beginning sound like a bong hit and than the music starts unespected and
(i dont know how to describe it other because of my poor vocabulary)
just like the trip on salvia.
then you trip starts and its just like described in the lyrics
"Im sweating,And breathingAnd staring and thinking,And sinking Deeper.
Its almost like Im swimming."
You arent in your body anymore and you are in an other state of mind and conscinece the :D
the boundaries of your ego are broken and you can see things that you even cant imagine or describe in a "normal" state because it is to kompleks new and free.
(maby even become god :D and percive things as they realy are)
you are like a hunter or a fisherman trying to catch the apsolute truth.
and than the sun is rising cool again the trip is ending
but affter the experience you are still sweating
trying to understand the experience you get dizzy trying to remember
(it s like trying to imagine a colour that no one else has ever seen and you cant see)but you cant your mind is not free anymore it is closed in definitions of reality with your ego.
in the trip i had a strange creature standing by me i thouth it was an friend like we know each other forever it gave me a fealing like i am home
i knew it couldent do me any harm i trusted it
it didn t wisper to me :( but i just have the same feeling when he says
"Must be the way you whisper."
also the indians(so i read)belive its nature is water...
thats why its not good to smoke it :)
and i red somewhere that water "creatures" i dont know the english terme
are like friends to us at least we see them so.
hm this probably isnt directly about salvia becouse salvia just like tool is only a tool
for understanding your self and this song (i think) just describes that state(state of nagual :D ).
again i apologise for my bad english.
p.s this also reminds me of my attempts to see energy
and free my mind from any definition of reality so that i see things how they are and not how i want theme to be this alo gets me sweating stareing and thinking
:D but probably my interpretation is wrong and he didnt had that in mind
but how could i ever know what he had in mind if im not he :D
so i dont upset my selfe with what he tried to say i just listen and get the interpretaion from my asociations :D
english is not my mother tung so i can even hear his voice as an instrument and not make a story out of it but maybe a experience its hard to describe...
but for instance when im high i just feel his music...
and also i think that words are very unusefull for desribeing music is better :D

12-25-2007, 08:18 PM
I totally agree with you buddy. The whole sweating, thinking, sinking process happens to me everytime I smoke Salvia. My friend describes it as being in the womb. I believe thats why where ever the trip may take you "It seems so familiar". But I think he might be describing two different Salvia tripps in the song though. Reasons being that I've had two seperate experiences on the psychedelic that were pretty much the same except that in the first trip I was looking in on two different beings (one resembled Brak's mom and the other resembled the genie from Aladdin). In the second experience I was the genie and Brak's mom was all sorts of confused at the fact that I was there and I had told her I had "been there allready". Now, I've smoked Salvia 30 or more times and these two different trips took place days, if not months, apart. It was the only time I can recollect talking to whatever has appeared once I've "gone under". To explain the line "It's the way you whisper" I was told by my roomate, whom was trip sitting for me ( I try to have at least one sober person around everytime I take a heavy psychedelic and you should too), that while I was out, during the second experience, that I kept mumbling and whispering. So that's my take on the whole deal.

12-25-2007, 08:24 PM
Oh I forgot to say that you really do sink/get dragged/sucked into the trip. But after getting out I spend alot of time trying to remember, with insane difficulty, exactly what I just experienced. Tends to make my head spin or to quote Maynard "makes me dizzy".