View Full Version : 2 stories

08-13-2007, 05:51 AM
There could be two stories in this video. It seems like the video splits when he wakes up and gets the box out. He opens the box and touches round the edge like he is contemplating the contents, and he then starts the levitation on the chair. Then we see a scene where he peeks inside, and then closes the box again. I think this could be the start of the alternative story, where he decides not to use the box. Because he closes it and keeps his finger on it like he has decided to keep it closed, then he goes outside like he hasn't been out for ages. The video specificly concentrates on the closing of the box and him keeping his finger there.As the video continues, it goes back and forth between the two outcomes. In the story where he leaves the bvox and goes out, he sees the broken head in the window, and he contiues to pull back the screen where he discovers the rest of the body and he learns something about it by looking deeper at it whilst sober. Meanwhile the guy that's stuck in his room getting "drunk" eventually just melts away.

Just some thoughts.