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07-23-2007, 12:00 PM
This is my first post on this forum. I've already read a lot of posts (also about this song) but I think my personal interpretation of this song is a bit different then the ones I've read. First of all I would like to state that I think this is the best song on the album...I already knew the song, even before I linked it to a situation that I've encountered in my own life.

Here's the story:
There is a really pretty girl who has a relationship with a guy, but it has not been going very well, although she has lived with this guy for quite a while. The relationship goes worse and she feels bad about it and decides it cannot go on like this any longer. She's also maybe a bit scared (as hell) of this guy, because he doesn't want to break up and doesn't know if he'll freak on her if she tries to leave. She tells him she wants to leave him, but he (probably) disagrees.
She leaves him for a while and goes to her mother's place. Things are also not too well with her mother. It's a saturday evening and she decides to go with her brother to a town/small city to go out and have a few drinks and get her mind off the whole situation. In this city she meets a guy who she hasn't seen for a long time (since they were kids). She talks with him for a short while and tells him he used to tease her when they were young. The guy apologizes. That's about how far the conversation goes for now... She leaves for another bar and has way too much too drink, because she still feels bad because of her boyfriend, BUT on the outside she still looks like she's just having fun and everythings allright.
After a while, the guy with who she was talking before also comes to this bar and by this time he's also had quite a few beers. He finds himself talking to the girl again, but can't really hear what's she's saying to him. She's pretty drunk.
Now, there is this theory I've come up with, that's based somewhat on Jung's theories, and it goes as follows: because she is drunk, she somehow let's her Shadow come out, and starts to behave a bit unresponsible. She kinda let's her subconcious take over and goes along for the ride. She was actually still feeling bad, but because of the alcohol she's kinda numbed this feeling. But unconciously she still feels bad (Cold & Ugly). So, she wants to feel better about herself. Now, many women feel better about themselves if a guy shows interest in her and adores her. This is what she wants...
She starts to tease the guy she met this evening. First he's somehow holding back, but there comes a moment when she stares at him up close and somehow something in his head happens (like the flick of a switch) and he starts kissing her. He falls in love with her and thinks she's in love with him too, and later that evening he brings her home to her mother. He agrees that he will call her the next day.
So, the next day he calls her, but she doesn't pick up the phone. One day later, she sends him a sms-text message and says; hey, I've seen you've been calling me. I've had a huge hangover. Please don't call me. I'm already living together with someone.
Well, this guy is very frustrated and doesn't want to give up on her, because he's really fallen in love with her, but is frightened to confront her with her irresponsible behaviour. He tries to contact her, but she (acts like she) is not interested. Probably she is still hurting because she's breaking up with the guy with who she's still living together. She doesn't want to start a new relationship with the other guy. Maybe she is in love with the guy she just met, but she's scared, because she doesn't know him well enough, and he might break her heart too. She may think it's not smart to start a new relationship so soon after she's broken up with the other guy.

Probably you guys have figured out now that in the story the guy she's just met, is actually me. After a while I gave up on her, although I'd still like to meet her someday, but only if she's not scared anymore and maybe she would feel ready again to start a new relation. I understands that she didn't want to start a new relationship so soon, because she probably wants some time to figure things out for herself, so I decided to leave her alone. She's "wide awake and keeping distance from my soul".
Anyway, this song really helped me to get rid of my frustration about the whole situation and she's who I think of when I play the song...
In a way I feel sad about what happened, but I've really learned from it. (I try not to see things black & white)