View Full Version : Not prepared for the visions?

07-23-2007, 11:25 AM
My take on Rosetta Stoned (now that I'm finally starting to get into it a bit more... a more difficult track to digest) is that possibly it is pointing out how young people experiment with such powerful, life-changing substances irresponsibly. "Krispy Kremes"? It sounds like 'Dave' isn't taking it seriously enough (too young... under-developed psyche). When using entheogens, the setting is critical. I don't think "outside of Area 51" is the best place to receive spiritual guidance. Maybe that's why his vision was alien-oriented, because his mindset was about Area 51. But he is much too immature to truly take some sort of enlightenment away from his hallucinatory experiences. He thinks the vision is real because he is not mentally mature (and I'm guessing he didn't study into the substances he used beforehand to be prepared... he just either wanted to get 'fucked up' or wanted 'quick enlightement' which doesn't just happen overnight). He might have had a small taste, but it slipped out of his grasp.

I'd finish this post, but I have to go wash these sheets (shit the bed again... typical).


And I definitely believe 11:11 was intentional. ;)