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12-01-2002, 08:12 PM
I don't really have any great ideas about what Maynard's lyrics mean, and have proably never even tried to want to understand them, and I probably never will. As a person who writes lyrical stuff myself, I don't expect people to diagnose what the song is about. Words tell stories, rather it be Maynard's writings that leave many to believe drugs or meditation are involved or a message to a man/woman someone wants killed. On one of two occasions with shrooms, when I was lying in bed, and did not have a radio, so I decided to start singing Third Eye to myself. I went through the whole song, letting myself follow every second without any distractions, despite the craziness of the hallucinagens. I had a plant, kind of like a Venus Fly Trap, form up from the dresser, and sprout an eye that came out of it's pedals. A surge of energy was felt as it drew this light from the ceiling towards it. It progressed with me as I sang, and the dark parts of the song, brought a feeling of the room's walls melting down to blackness, empty space, a feeling of loneliness. I got no meaning out of anything really, just some visuals to a song. My second encounter was on a 4gram dosage in which to reference of someone's earlier post, I also lost all thought process, conception of anything, etc... and became lost in my friends backyard for half an hour as they waited for me in the car (we were headed to the country), and the thoughts of dying entered, in which I almost passed out, but thank god my friend found me and saved my life so I think. In terms of reaching some state on shrooms, it is all in the persons mind to explore. He can take it many ways. I usually bring out whatever is in my lil nogen, thoughts I can't draw up usually. If it were up to me, I would do drugs to reach the state, but not ever trying meditation, I can't knock it, so maybe I need to some day down the road to truly get perception from both fields of this. And on a side not, do not ever take a large dosage of shrooms thinking all will be great. I had a hard time wondering why my teeth were melting out of my mouth.