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03-30-2007, 03:29 PM
You know, I've been turning this little thought over in my mind a bit here recently: Undertow actually tells something of a story. Think about it. Look at it in a certain light. They actually flow in something of a linear fashion, like the storyline on 10,000 Days (which, according to Adam, there is one). It sort of plays off the abuse theory about "Prison Sex."

"Intolerance:" Thinking about someone that has done you wrong, yet you find yourself still being a friend or giving that person respect.
"Prison Sex:" Recalling what exactly that person has done to you and how it has changed you, how it has become something of an itch you can't scratch.
"Sober:" How what that person done to you has affected you psychologically and how it has diminished your self-worth and confidence.
"Bottom:" The need to overcome the negative psychological repercussions of that detrimental event (the spoken word part is something of a dead giveaway); the need to put that person down the path they've forced you on and watching them suffer as a result.
"Crawl Away:" How that event has made people you care about suffer through your actions, and having those people quit tolerating you while you still feel the need to have them there to help make you better.
"Swamp Song:" You may question the thought, but I view this track as a letter-to-self affair. You've warned yourself what would happen if you let that event consume you and let it erode you to nothing, yet you find that's exactly what's happening.
"Undertow:" Temptation is the essential word here. This continues the "cycle-of-abuse" theory also discussed in "Prison Sex." It's about the temptation to take out the frustrations you feel because of that one consuming event (events may be more appropriate?) on someone else. To do unto them as they have done unto you, yet finding resistance to do such and being trapped in a state of personal metal agony.
"4 Degrees:" Uses anal sex as a metaphor to open your mind to other ways to find relief and escape.
"Flood:" Diminishing what you once were and realizing the fact you can't run away from it, no matter how hard you try. It's about facing the truth and seeking the right way to let go and to change yourself.
"Disgustipated:" Just backs up what "Flood" says with the "This is necessary" mantra.

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good post

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I never thought as 4 Degrees as anal sex haha...

It makes sense, good post.

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06-14-2007, 12:49 PM
The personal redemption of a tortured soul

04-24-2011, 01:13 AM
wow, best post I have read all day. Congratulations! I really wonder if that could be true, but either way it makes me appreciate Undertow that much more :)