View Full Version : Third Eye to me

hatred in a jar
06-28-2003, 09:42 AM
Third Eye to me is definitly about drugs. I am a trip head and this song represents loving to experience new trips and having fun. But the more you do it, you do become somewhat psycho. It may sound pathetic but I used to be addicted to drinking cough medicine and it did turn me into a pyscho for a while. This song does not only represent doing drugs to me, it also represents trying to stop and healing. In the lines

Shroud-ing all the ground around me
Is this holy crow above me.
Black as holes within a memory
And blue as our new second sun.
I stick my hand into his shadow
To pull the pieces from the sand.
Which I attempt to reassemble
To see just who I might have been.
I do not recognize the vessel,
But the eyes seem so familiar.
Like phosphorescent desert buttons
Singing one familiar song...

This verse is incredible to me and when it goes into the "..so good to see you i missed you so much.." Its so powerful. You try to become who you used to be but you still want to go out and do what you do all the time. I can type a book about this song but I gotta go to beta test some games.

If anyone else feels like I do, reply.