View Full Version : A London recording

12-31-2006, 10:59 PM
I know there aren't very many people interested in this song, but I recently came across something interesting.

I don't know necessarily when the Salival recording of Merkaba was from, but I recently found a live recording from a show in London on 2/23 (My wife's birthday) in 1997 that had listed on the setlist "Sober w/ 9 min. instrumental intro" So this had to be Merkaba... (For those interested, this was the show where Maynard was performing Pushit and body slammed a crowdsurfer who got on stage)

The video and audio are pretty terrible quality, and for the first five minutes or so you can barely tell it's Merkaba (It's Adam's ambiance, Danny drumming away, and no samples really audible). However, the second part really kicks into gear and it's pretty awesome.

I was thinking about ripping the audio. Does anyone think that'd be a good idea?