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11-27-2002, 08:26 AM
In the live version of Third Eye I see Timothy Learing as an important figure seeing as he is a representative of LSD and it was widely thought that being under the influence of LSD was a form of enlightenment, which I would agree with, if it were still used in the correct fashion for such. Take this for excerptfrom BE HERE NOW.

In these few few yearswe had gottenover the feeling ha one experience was going to make you enlightened frever. We saw that it wasn't going to be that simple.

And for five years I dealt with the matter of "coming down". The coming down matter is what led me to the next chapter of this drama. Because fter six years I realized that no matter how ingenious my experimental designs were, and how high I got, I came down.

At one point I took five people and we locked ourselves in a building for three weeks ad we took 400 micrograms of LSD every four hours. That is 2400 micrograms of LSD a day, which sounds fancy, but afte your first dose, you build tolerance; there's a refractory period. We finally were just drinking out of the bottle, because it didn't seem to matter anymore. We'd just stay at a plateau. We were very high. What happened in those tjree weeks in that house, no one would ever believe, including us. And at the end of the three weeks, we walked outof the house and within a few days, we came down!

And it was a terribly frustrating experience, as if you came into the kingdom of haven and yousaw hoe it all was and you felt these new states of awareness, and hen you got cast out again,and after 2 or 300 times of this, began to fee an extraordinary kind of depression set in... a very gentle depresson that whatever I knew still wasn't enough!

And as you can see it was enlightenment, attaining the Third Eye, and Tim Leary represented attaining enlightendment through the use of LSD. That significantly goes with the songs apsect of "Prying open my Third Eye" because that is just what LSD does, pries open your Third Eye, yet it is not attained yourself, so when it wares off you going to where you were before, but there is no doubt that you still will mostly take something away from an LSD trip that you will remember. LSD should be used only rarely and after a few times of using, you should try and attain that level again, but on your own.

12-05-2002, 01:09 AM
I agree, psychadelic drugs should not be used in recreational use, although it is up to the individual, much more ground can be covered when rationed as spiritual journeys. these are especially useful when they are documented as well. It is too bad Tim and the boys are no longer researching, who knows how many sects of research teams we may have and how much we could know. if you like timothy leary and his views maybe you will like this:


07-23-2003, 05:40 AM
scratch that,

the more you know, the less happy you will be