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05-30-2003, 09:56 AM
i think this song is less about anal penetration ("butt-love") than about awakening to new experiences. imagine that first moment when your sexual partner (organically phallic or otherwise endowed) offers to shove the ol' meatpole (or a plastic approximation) in your booty. it's your first exposure to the concept: "you mean, i can put something in there as well as squeeze something out?" what you previously thought of as a one way highway has now been revealed to allow traffic in both directions. not only does the awakening into a new sexual form take place, but this new idea has planted the seed (so to speak) of future ideas (mouth, ear, armpit, etc.).
the singer is singing to the person that he wants to get "locked up inside". he is the psychotherapist, the great spiritual guide that will reveal a bright bountiful new world to you. the metaphor is anal sex ("butt-love"). once the anal drama has unfolded, the "you" that existed before the love fest has been replaced by a heightened version, an improved, more developed you, capable of seeing the world from a different point of view: that of the "packed-shit-entity" or the "entity-that-has-had-its'-shit-packed". not only are you the you that was you before, but you are the you that is you after.
this song may be a historical reflection upon Paul the apostle, preparing the heathens for the coming of christ. Paul is saying that they must free themselves from their ridiculous heathen beliefs, from the worthless (Paul's words, i forget where, somehwere in the back) Pythagoreans and Platonists, and the hooded Jewish herd. the singer is putting himself in the guise of Paul, telling the heathens to "free yourself from yourself" and to let jesus come on in (via Paul, of course). after the holy seed has been planted, you will see (as the heathens saw) the brilliance of christianity, and the release (pardon the pun) that comes with accepting salvation. if you allow sodomization, the singer is saying, then you will receive salvation.
further: the beginning guitar riff is awfully close to the sound one makes when one is rubbing lube onto one's meatpole (or plastic approximation).

05-30-2003, 10:24 AM
Originally posted by mstajduh
so are you saying.... you have experience in this area? if so, which side of the field?

just to let everyone know, in mysteries of the world book I read, sodomy came from a proverb which was mistranslated where raping, instead of homosexuality, is a sin... there is nothing in the bible to say homosexuality is a sin... if there is, it's inpretated wrongly.

i have only been fortunate enough to give enlightenment, though i consider the song, when i listen to it, to be the closest i will ever come to being sodomized.

your statement as to homophobic misinterpretation of the bible is sure to make quite a few goosestepping bible-throwers angry. come to think of it, i cant remember any references to homosexuality or rape, though im sure someone will know exactly where the homophobic christian gets his justification. how about a reply to my theory? am i right on to suggest that the singer is re-enacting the gospel of paul from a historical perspective, pumping his message into the yielding colons of the heathens?

06-02-2003, 12:49 PM
Originally posted by mstajduh
well, I think that's probably one of the suggestions.. I agree that anal-sex is the metaphor...this is why I brought it up actually.. much of the bible has been misinterpretated.. the singer is bringing new truths to light to bring the listener salvation.... perhaps giving them a taste of jesus.. making them go to hell for 3 days (albums).. then making them ascend into heaven...I think the story that many would revert to is in the story of job. Perhaps in this dominating for deciding the listener's free-will is the St. Paul complex you are referring to?

are you suggesting the singer is, in a sense, the angel of death, so to speak?

no i am not suggesting that the singer is the "angel of death". i am saying the person that is occassionally a singer and happens to have sung this song and wrote the lyrics for this song was simply being creative. i dont know what exactly you "brought up" or think you brought up, other than curiosity about my sexuality. i dont understand what you mean by "in this dominating for deciding the listeners free will" i am sorry , but that just sounds like confusion to me. i must admit that my initial post was me being mr. funny-guy, kind of poking fun at this whole monstrosity. the st. paul thing is just me being as creative and disturbing as possible. also, the interpretation things are great exercise for maintaining internally consistent arguments. i think the singer is probably just some guy thats artistic and knows how to manipulate people.
viva didactic press!

06-03-2003, 01:18 PM
Originally posted by mstajduh
well, I'm just exercising My Mind to the possibilities.. I guess you aren't very confident in your sexuality to discuss these things.. but oh well.... I won't be suprised if you talk to cronos secretly in PMs.. yes, the singer is creative in his art and knows how to manipulate people... it's easy to manipulate the masses.. well, I guess you aren't very disturbing or funny...but keep wishing at that star, for some day, it may happen....

too bad, I thought your st.paul theory was rather intriguing.. I guess you aren't as smart as I thought you were.

well thank you for thinking i was smart. i must admit i never had that impression of you. where does a lack of confidence in my sexuality enter? remember little girl, i am the one who can speak of riding the hershey highway with no revulsion. now then, i quoted you and you failed to explain that quote, may i assume it was just an incoherent string of words? i would appreciate an explanation.
so who is cronos and what is PMs?
you speak of the masses as though you are removed from them...is this true? never fear, i will "keep wishing at the star" whatever than means.
so my st. paul theory is only intriguing if i do not reveal that i am attempting to be funny? how does that work? or is it no longer intriguing because i cannot understand you when you post a message to me?
keep exercising your mind to the possibilities...
viva didactic press!