View Full Version : descent with modification

11-26-2002, 08:32 AM
just i thought,
thank you tool for opening so many people to the idea of advancing into something more than what we are. charles darwin was opened up to a new reality on his voyage of the beagle he noticed in short that animals decend with some sort of modification in order to survive and excell. now tool has come round to open up the possibility that our decendants will, thanks to the knowledge that they have provided many of us, transcend into a reality so unique and beautiful that it makes me cry. the chakras of our bodies are opening wether we know it or not and we are slowly becoming aware of the universal conciousness that connects us all.

they bite, they fight, they bite and fight and bite, the ithchy and scratchy show!!!!!
the simpson are proof of our advancement
hooray simpsons!!!!