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05-15-2003, 05:54 AM
well i am not a practitioner of misticism BUT i am a big fun of reading....so in one of my studies i stumbled upon something wich may interest you lot (i hope some of you will find it VERY interesting) reading on the jung theory some of you conversated over in other forums...i finally agreed that a merkaba is a means of transfer etc etc...but in the egyptian theorisis of magic :
mer-i havent found out yet ka-is the astral body (personality) ba-is the soul (manas)

im still searching on the mer- but im not sure ill find out..shit i had to go through a black magic book in 15 min to find those shit out...so any ideas?

05-15-2003, 06:28 AM
The earliest known form of Hebrew occultism was known as "Heh-Cha-loht" or Merkaba Mysticisim. The term means 'ascent'. In the Hebrew language the Merkaba was known as the 'Throne of God', and it was the aim of the Merkaba Mystics to see God upon his throne.

Nearly all of the writings of the Merkaba Riders have been lost, so the full knowledge of their techniques are completly gone. What writings are left we can ascertain only that the practices involved a sort of 'astral travel' through a series of 'seven' planes by way of passwords, talismans, and secret signs while in a self-induced trance. Most likly the Merkaba Riders were named as such because the altered state of conciousness they used most often to enter into the proper state of conciousness was sex.

The one source that 'I' know of is titled 'Pirkei Heichaloht'

Any unwise experimentation is strongly urged against, as if I am correct no one could look upon the face of God and live.

Besides the one source I was able to refer to I have not be able to find after 2 years of searching.

05-16-2003, 03:22 AM
shit....well,i coulnt help but notice that there is always a similarity between some mystic scriptures...and it defenelty doesnt sound like a coinsidence to me that mer ka nad ba are used in other mystic languages as well.as for god or whatever you want to call yours...welll i defenetly feel closer to him when i am having sex....dont you?ha ha ha ha...well maybe merkaba is a good song to listen to while having sex huh?

past the joking..sex is indeed a strange way to reach a trance...i once had a strange expirience while having sex,and ill share..i hope you dont find it funny-although i do-

some girl was giving me a blow job(not that good actually)and while i was reaching the point of cumming she said--larter on that she heard me chanting..missing the point?why later on?well i passed out.....ha ha ha ha..if it was a good job i might have thought it was normal..but it must have triggered some nerve of mine none the less..anywayz i shared that becoz it has to do with merkaba...it seems that sex might actually be a nice way to get into trance ..but who am i to judge huh?