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05-13-2003, 07:06 PM
If you listen to enough bill hicks you find this song seems really relevant to what he is saying. I've been a bill hicks fan for a long time and have a large collection of his audio stuff. Bill hicks frequently talks about removing ignorance through use of Shrooms, drugs which effects he calls 'squee-geeing your third eye'. Lines like 'wipeing the webs and the dew from my withered eye' allude to this.

(I'm not promoteing Drug usage, but...)
Shrooms are known to 'expand your mind' and make you think outside the box so to speak. You think things on shrooms that you dont, and possibly cant, think while straight. Sometimes you get a feeling like your feeling the pulse of the universe ('In..out...in...out'), a feeling of everything comeing together and tieing in. When you take shrooms you see the world in a new way thats very hard to explain. I belive the song is trying to convey that sense, and that drugs are not inherently bad. As the bill hicks intro about musicans useing drugs suggests.

Lines like 'chaseing the tail of dogma' and 'chaseing the trail of smoke and reason' go hand in hand with a message bill hicks conveys. Bill hicks is not anti reglion, he talks about how we are the holy children of God and are perfect just the way we are, but not in a conventional religous sense, as the intro to the song touches on, but he is anti religon in the sense that he doesnt belive in dogma's and had an intense dislike of religous fanatics.

The song is trying to tell you there is a deeper reality than you get out of spirtuality offered in organize religon, or in the exploration of the physical world through science or reason. I belive that all this stuff about 'glad to see you once again' and 'why are you running away' is refference to himself, the real self, that he grapples with hanging on to.

Prying open my Third Eye is seeing things as they really exsist. The painful prying of the third eye is removal of ignorance and acceptance of reality, a concrete reality, that ironically is helped along with the use of mind expanding drugs. This idea is furthered by the use of Timothy Leary in the alternate intro.

I'll re-go through all my Bill Hicks stuff and post more comparisons to Maynards lyrics and Bill Hicks message if anyone wants.

05-15-2003, 10:27 PM
Why has no one replied to this persons post. This is the most intellegent post I've seen on this board. If ANYONE was to actually listen to Bill Hicks, such as Maynard is suggesting,
you would understand the war on drugs and where it has led this country to ask dumb questions like "Do we need drugs/shrooms to open our 3rd eye." As I said in that post, anyone whos listened to Bill Hicks or Terence McKenna will realize these perfected experences of God's love come with plant interaction. DOWNLOAD Bill hicks talking about mushrooms on "Rant in E Minor." and the point Satres mad about chasing the tail of dogma..... Maynard is saying not to discuss weather or not to take mushrooms beacause it is dogmatic to think of it like that in the first place..... Learn to swim!!!!!!!!!


05-26-2003, 06:55 PM
I believe with my hole heart third eye is about positive drug experiences. I had an epiphany on ecstasy about how not opening up to new ideas and people really hurt me. It was like I saw the world in a whole different light. Tool Light or Bill Hicks light. I became much more social and talking. I try not to do ecstasy anymore because I am begining to become desensitized. I dont get the same high anymore. So instead of taking more I learned to leave a good thing behind. It is good to know your limits.