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11-25-2002, 11:23 AM
Eon 1) An indefinitely long period of time; an age.
The longest division of geologic time, containing two or more eras.

Eon 2) (Gnostic Philos.) One of the embodiments of the divine attributes of the Eternal Being.

Among the higher [AE]ons are Mind, Reason, Power, Truth, and Life. --Am. Cyc.

Dictionary Note: Eons were considered to be emanations sent forth by God from the depths of His grand solitude to fulfill various functions in the material and spiritual universe.

Blue: A color


1) Apocalypse Abbr. Apoc. Bible. The Book of Revelation.
Any of a number of anonymous Jewish or Christian texts from around the second century B.C. to the second century A.D. containing prophetic or symbolic visions, especially of the imminent destruction of the world and the salvation of the righteous.
2) Great or total devastation; doom: the apocalypse of nuclear war.
3) A prophetic disclosure; a revelation.

I think that the two definitions of Eon are interesting. Personally I see the song as an expression of the tranquility that results from "letting go" during The Grudge. To me it is literally the "end of the blue eon", or the letting go of a long time of pain.

I think the alternative definition is significant to the theme of the album. Just something that I thought was worth mentioning. It's funny how in another thread people were rejoicing in the fact that this song can't be analyzed and can just be taken for face value. How can you say that to a title like "Eon Blue Apocalypse??" To me that just screams "analyze me!!"

To me it could mean two things. "Revalation of Divine Attributes" or "End of the Blue Era".

I'm not insisting on this, just a thought.

What do you think?

11-29-2002, 08:20 PM
interesting....you may be on to something. I would just like to add that you have to take into consideration the next song. if you look at it as "an end of a blue era", and then go into "the patient," you can be thought of as possibly evolving. And, under definition 4 of Apocalypse, "revalation", you can be seen as evolving as a result of some amazing revelation. Since evolution is an evident theme with tool and their music and that evolution is the result of very long periods of time (eons)...you know what i'm saying.

12-01-2002, 06:13 PM
This song really does seem to display a relaxed feeling, so if you consider The Patient a chapter of Lateralus following this, it could be that the patient person/the patient of its surroundings is the same person from The Grudge who was fighting back against another entity or occurrence. Whereas The Grudge makes us think of hostilities that inspired its words The Patient gives a sense that the mental issues of the same entity are gone, the slipping away of Eon Blue Apocalypse. While still in the same situation he can handle it efficiently and effectively because he will wait until everything can be appropriately rectified. He won't give up on everything just yet.

But then if you consider the song Schism, perhaps he eventually DOES give up...

The Grudge: Painful conflict. Eon Blue/Patient: Painless conflict, preparation for something better. Mantra/Schism: Mourning and loss as separation is purposefully made. Parabol/Parabola: Reconciliation, rejoicing. Ticks and Leeches: Haunted by old problems, they must be taken care of before they get out of hand a second time. Lateralus: Spiritual development as two beings? My estimations stop there.

12-05-2002, 04:01 PM
(1) Depressed.
(2) RisquÚ; indecent.

I just figured that if you were taking alternative definitions into mind, you should recognize that blue can mean more than just color... I don't know where/if it fits into the analysis, but it certainly could help!

12-06-2002, 10:15 AM
Seems as if to me there is a seperation of perceived self and actual self in the grudge. Letting go of the things that bound him...the ego which moderates what is acceptable...then we go into this song which is the end of that existence and there is a scared calm...confused...different....strange....bizarre. Then the patient which is saying that this state is unsettling and too foreign and if there really isnt something to gain then he will return to his old ways but...hopefully there is so he waits. The mantra being way of further connecting with this other state. Then schism seems to be about how he is SO distant from his old life that he can no longer function correctly in it...so it is grounding and realizing that yes we must evolve but these have to be applied to all parts of ourselves not just one...then parabol(a) we have the delving into the new self and its role and function and identity as it were as part of an eternal beauty...then up until just now i couldnt understand why TnL was here but perhaps it is the returning to 'life' and seeing the problems we once found so terrible but are now so distant. During the beginning its raging and angry then quiet and desolate in the middle so perhaps a switching of perspective...then into lateralus which is growing and developing in this new state and upwards and out to divinity 2 halves growing together equal....then into disposition, reflection, triad which is the development of the body, mind and, spirit into a perfected form...

So yes this idea of a ending and a changing after a revelation is important to this overall theme. it is the ending of a purely physical existence and the beginning of an exploration of this otherself. As a continuation of Ănema we see the bright blue shimmering face of the other in Third eye so perhaps the Eon Blue Apocolypse is indeed the revolation of this virtually endless blue being...this eternal being (his soul)

07-18-2007, 04:50 AM
As a continuation of Ănema we see the bright blue shimmering face of the other in Third eye so perhaps the Eon Blue Apocolypse is indeed the revolation of this virtually endless blue being...this eternal being (his soul)
Interesting ; I interpret this as the fact that this blue being (wasn't it an Hindu divinity ?) was seen in "Third Eye" but with drugs, and now, before "The Patient", he's unable to see it again.

One Dark Flame
07-26-2007, 09:08 PM
Isn't that just Adams dog's name?