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conical johnson
11-25-2002, 08:00 AM
okay, this is pure conjecture (but i guess that's what this forum is for), but after reading the whole harry manback/hotsy menshot story in the faq, and then listening to swamp song, the two seemed linked. swamp song sounds, to me, like maynard's response to the incident. drunk=beligerant. you can imagine how maynard (and, presumably, hotsy) must have felt. personally, it would have made me pissed off, less because of using the phone too much and eating the food, but more because of his disrespect for people who were being hospitable, and the fact that he didn't even know any of them. maybe not grounds for writing a song, but it was early in their career, and maybe they had music but were afraid to put out an instrumental song, which, usually, people wait until later in their careers to do. maynard, being the democratic guy that he is, let the guy give his reply. that rhymed. sorry. anyway, maynard could very well have been staying with hotsy at the time undertow came out, since they recorded the live stuff on opiate at jello loft, so, there.

isildur's bane
11-29-2002, 06:10 PM
yeah,i agree with that interpretation.actually,i was about to post something very similar to what you wrote bu then i saw that you had alrady figured out the connection.when you think about it,it makes perfect sense."why don't you watch where you're wandering?" as in,"you don't know who you're messing with"."why don't you get out while you can?" as in,"get the fuck out of here,before i lose my temper and decide to murder your ass"."no one even invited you" (obvious meaning).very powerful and agressive song.good stuff.