View Full Version : danny carey's drumming

06-25-2006, 08:51 PM
god damn that's some intense stuff in the background. honestly, I usually skip over this track but Danny's really going to work in the background there if you listen carefully. I'm sure we've all seen the popular video of Danny performing his bit of Lateralus with the creator of his drumset and the following interview. I'd like to see a video of him doing this song with the weird call-in barely audible in the background. Of course, it would be a treat to see Danny do this for just about any Tool track.

07-12-2006, 11:10 AM
Hell yeah, I don't think any drummer will remain unmoved by the magic Danny Carey can start on his drums! whether it's the prowess of lateralus or the peace of disposition. I've always thought of Danny as half man, half drumset :-) cause of his amazing ability to express his feelings into music. anyways, he has always done a good job on background drumming, whether its faaip de oiad or merkaba, his talents are mind blowing. I wonder if it's the other instruments that play on his solos or if he plays solos on the music?

whenever i watch that short section of lateralus he plays or any other stream video he publishes, i have to admit i cannot stop the temptation to get in my car and drive to our jamming garage and do something with his inspiration. but I'll never be even the shadow of danny, tho my efforts are set. just thought i'd say this, don't mind my babbling.

by the way, one last thing, in many posts i've heard people say that Carey probably isn't human: well i think we're the ones that aren't human, he perfectly lives up to the standards and expectations of a human being! SWING ON THE SPIRAL OF OUR DIVINITY AND STILL BE A HUMAN! sorry for the critic i moved on us all, but as humans we could all give a little more!;-)