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04-16-2003, 02:04 PM
SORRY THE FIRST POST MEeSSED UP , here is my real idea so far

Second blue sun – Native American sign/symbol for apocalypse

Third eye- Self awareness, intuition, connection with divinity, spirituality

Drugs theme – Peace – calmness – contentment

Third eye – second blue son – If we don’t make ourselves in tune with ourselves and divinity, cast aside dogma – religion we are “chasing the trail of smoke and reason” we will bring on our you cant grasp smoke, instead of trying to contain/hold something that slips between our fingers, and reason with what’s around us, never finding contentment within ourselves, we will bring our own destruction/apocalypse. By becoming in tune with divinity we are spiritually awakened and can be content. If we are not content within ourselves we will only cause insecurity/ill will/ill contentment with everyone around us This ill contentment will cause disagreements and conflicts. These conflicts will bring on destruction. Destruction will bring us to a bitter end.

“Fooling my eye” – by letting the shadow of religion overcome us we are no longer able to really see and grasp our true inner contentment and be able to live our lives spiritually.

“Prying open my third eye” – If we pry open our third eye, make ourselves aware, in-tune within ourselves and divinity than we no longer need religion. Religion is an attempted manual for spirituality. But we don’t achieve spiritually through religion, is achieved through self expression, development, and becoming aware. Our third eye is our gateway, our connection to the idea, vision and our driving force that will make us feel connected and connect us to eternity and divinity.

05-06-2003, 07:25 PM
the fooling your eye is brilliant, what ive thought all along but just couldn't put to words.